Back in ATL and AWA prep~

Hey folks...
so, it looks like things have been straightened out with SCAD finances. I had to pay a bit out of pocket, but hopefully financial aid kicks in soon so I can get reimbursed. I also rented a room in an apartment near SCAD, right across the street from the dorms, so I've spent all week moving in~
It's really great being back in Atlanta. Since being back I've gotten a chance to catch up with a lot of people (Saw Jackie and Brent and everyone when I crashed one of Shawns final critiques, then had dinner over at Chris Schweissers place and hob-nobbed with some really great creators, and my new neighbor happens to be the comics editor of SCAD ATLs paper, so I've been at his place a lot working on comic stuff with Tommy and Domo and David and Jeffrey). Good times.

AWA is fast approaching though, and I wont let the artist alley kick my ass again, like it did last year. I'm going in there full force: I'll have 10 new button designs, copies of Le Grande Grimoir, Poster and Glossy Wallet Prints, pooooosibly a mini comic I've been working on this summer, and a sketchbook! All new stuff! So if you're in the area, swing by and check it out~ (a sneaky tip: the past couple of years, artist alley was like, in the same place you registered for the con. So it's totally possible to walk through the AA without needing a badge. I'm just sayin'.)
Anyway, here's a mock-up of the sketchbook cover. A graphic designer, I am not.

I'll try to do a few more art posts ASAP as more things are finished for the con~


Pinkment said...

Hey there, Cara -- it's Erin! I finally got a blog!

I'm glad you're going to be in school this year, I'd be bummed without you. And you're going to AWA, killer! I always realize how badly I want to take part in Artist's Alley a week or two before it starts. MAYBE NEXT YEAR. But you can bet I'll be by to visit you. A lot.

Dianna B. said...

I'm so happy ^^ Btw, how much would your apt happen to me a month btw?
I will most probably commute but I'd like to see if there is any decent prices near the school (I luv atl so much)

Also, I've always wanted to do the artist alley thing one day, any tips?

Chris Schweizer said...

Glad everything's straightened out. We hated the idea of losing ya'.

Shawn Crystal said...


Jackie Lewis said...

Update more!!!!!