So much art after a long Hiatus!

Poor, poor neglected blog. It'd be a bit of an understatement to say this semester has been insane. I've had all studio classes where I'm having to actually turn out pages and still make them look good, so my work load's kicked up a lot this quarter. On top of that I have to balance my crazy schedule at the book store, find time to spend with a awesome guy I met that happens to have a crazier schedule than me, and now I'm dealing with a crazy new room mate as well. I'd say my life is pretty exciting, if it wasn't wearing me out so much. As much as I've enjoyed this semester (Editors Forum! Friday Temples! Small Classes!), I'm more than ready for the holidays. I'll be heading back to Texas all of December, and hopefully I'll remain productivewhile I've got the time off. I definitely have projects I need to be working on anyway.

Anywho, to prove I'm not all talk, here's some examples of what I've been working on lately.

This is page one of a three page comic for Nolans Digital Coloring Class. Now I just have to throw down some colors on here @_@

These pages are a 3 page silent argument story done for Shawns Visual Storytelling Class.
Dont ask why, but a lot of my stories this semester have tended to be somewhat dark and violent 8| . . .

Aaaaand Some character sketches for my Final in Visual Storytelling. This 6 page comic is going to kick serious ass. I'm just warning y'all now.

Oh yeah, and a colored response to one of the Temples sketch challenges. I haven't had time to do any other ones yet, but I was restless the other night and needed to knock out an illustration for old times sake. I haven't gotten to do a pin up in months ;_;
(Technically the challenge was The Batman, but I still dont like him very much, so I used this as a good excuse to draw Tim Drake. What? Stop looking at me like that.)
Also, they're apparently standing in a giant mountain of Mashed Potatoes. On a roof top. Dont question it, just accept it.


Shawn Crystal said...

This is the Cara of the future. The new and improved, Kick ASS Cara!

Anonymous said...

No Diru this year? Your live reports are always fun :)

Cara M. said...

Shawn- This is Cara of the Future... TODAY! Woo!

Mr. (or Ms.) Mous- Dude, of course I saw Diru! I didn't do a live report here since this journal is for art, but maybe I'll do a comic of the (amaaaazing) experience.

Anonymous said...

:DDD That would be so cool.