Possibly Very Bad News

Um, okay, so... this fall.

I can't afford tuition. This is almost exactly the same as what happened last year, except then my parents pulled through and got the PLUS loan to help cover costs. This year they refuse to do it again, and I'm having a hard time figuring out where I'm going to find the money. I'm calling the bank tomorrow about a loan, so wish me luck with that. As it is right now... there's a very real possibility I wont be returning to SCAD (at least not until next year).

Now, I already have my plane ticket to come back to Atlanta at the end of the month, so I'll be back in town regardless, but here's where more bad news comes in.
There's no promise the Borders there will hire me back (they never hired Carlton back, and have said they dont want to hire anymore SCAD kids anyway), so I wouldn't have a definite job.
Okay, but then it gets worse. My aunt, who I live with in Atlanta when I'm not at Spring House, recently lost her job and has put her house on the market. So... even when I do get back, I have no idea where I'll be able to live.

So guys, I'm like, reaching to you for help. Or advice, really. I just don't know what to do. I've tried emailing Financial Aid earlier this week and have not heard back, and cant get ahold of the office on the phone.
What have you all been able to do to cover bills?
Do you know anyone that needs a room mate?
Do you know any place (within MARTA range) that's hiring right now?
General advice? D8

I'm like, seriously distressed and shedding a few tears over this. This is exactly why I didn't really want to come back home for the summer. I knew my parents would just start to make me feel guilty about going to such an expensive school, and then stubbornly insist that I transfer to a cheap, local school or something.

I just dont even know guys.

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Dianna B. said...

Oh my God Cara. I'm so sorry. I wish there was something I could do to help. All I can tell you is that financial aid does seem to be ignoring all of the students this year, I, nor Kelli can get in touch with them, but apparently our Bursar has been out of town till the 18th, so you can try then. I think if you do you might want to ask about a promissory note. Also, try getting a loan with CitiAssist. They are really good about it as long as you have a decent co-signer. And by decent I don't mean super credit either. I've gotten two pretty high loan sums there myself so, I think you should be pretty good on that. That's all I can think of to help D-: