Life Update and random Spiderman Art

Been a while since my last post, but I've definitely been keeping busy with my art. I recently decided to quit my day job, actually, so I could focus more of my time and energy on my school and comic work. Also they were sort of jerks there, so whatevs. I gotta bust ass to make it worth it now.
I've got a ton of projects being juggled, and con season will soon be upon us, but I'm really only planning to be at Heroes Con, AWA, and possibly A-kon, and will be selling copies of the art book at all of them.
I also recently got in touch a BFF from High School, Brenna L, who is currently a kick ass illustration major out in San Fransisco. I adore her work like crazy, so we've decided to team together and form WRENCH, and hopefully we'll put out a lot of awesome collaborations (whenever we each get enough spare time *sobsob*)

Um, just because I feel lame when I dont post art, here's my final project from Drawing for Sequential Art last semester 8D; I need more practice doing super heroes.... 8\ But it was a fun project to work on~

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