History of a Tempestuous Romance Pt 1: Middle School

I drew this in my little mini travel sketchbook a few weeks ago, when I was experimenting with the Hi-Tech C pen Shawn hooked me up with. Anyone that knows me knows I have... interesting luck with guys. Especially since moving to Atlanta. Not that it's been HORRIBLE, but I dont think I've ever had a remotely 'normal' relationship, or go about things in a sensible manner. Whenever I tell someone about my romantic history, they inevitably have a good laugh, and tell me I should really do a comic about it.

This is my attempt to do a streamlined version of such.


Jackie Lewis said...

This should be an ongoing comic on your blog, darlin'.


Shawn Crystal said...

Very nice Cara, you have a definite voice in comics.

Fixation said...

OH geez this is such a cute comic and I agree with jackie lewis. You should so continue it =D

B. Lindblad said...

hahahaha! It works well, I can't wait to read the later bits when we are friend. hahaha you with your glasses, I've seen some of those pictures.