Today was like, new student check in or something, so new kids have been running around the dorms moving all of their stuff in and what not. My room's right by the elevator, so people are walking by all the time, but I like having the blinds open to let the sunlight in. My room mate, however, gets all creeped out whenever someone walks by and glances in the room.
She may not like what I'm making for our window 8D I just decided it needed some... decoration X)
So I started out by creating a large line drawing, inked with (gasp!) a br
ush pen!
Then I decided, hey, it's going to get aged by the sun anyway if I put it in the window, I'll
 encourage the look by staining the heck out of the paper with old Barley Tea I had laying around.
And then I was all gung-ho about dripping things onto the paper, so I thought I'd try out a technique used by Nanamirio (featured in Comickers).  Basically you just drop copic ink directly onto the paper and it spreads in crazy ways.  I only have Baby Skin Pink ink, so I just used this method on Eff, but then I realized this was just like dripping Alcohol on Watercolors so... I did a lot of that too 8D But yeah, I'm definitely going to be investing in more bottles of copic inks for this technique~
Then I threw down some details with watercolors and white gouache X)
(p.s. I think I like the little tattoo design more than anything else in this piece XD)
Then I moved on to the carousel horses.  They're just there because the room mate is crazy about horses, and I thought they'd look whimsical 8D
And it's almost finished!

Cut out and ready to be hung in the window... but oh god, look at the mess I made...


Dianna B. said...

sweet! Very inspiring :-D

Jackie Lewis said...

Gorgeous, darlin', just gorgeous!

Shawn Crystal said...

i wanna see these! Bring em in.