This is going to be like, way embarrassing, but Dianna asked to see some of the Manga-ized Night Crawler I'd mentioned in my last post, so I crawled through my oooooold, very first deviant art account, from back in Highschool, when I was totally into things like X-men: Evolution and Ultimate X-men. Yeah. So prepare yourselves... for totally horrible, really old art XD
Ooooh my early watercolors~ And surprisingly good perspective for an 11th grader
Believe it or not I did mostly computer coloring in highschool. Witness! The abuse of brushes and filters! This is like, a lesson in how NOT to do digital art.And Iceman! Oh, how I did love Ultimate X-men....

There's like, a ton more, but I'll save those for later X)


Dianna B. said...

PSH, these aren't horrible! lol.
crazy human. I can DEFIANTLY see the X-Men Evolution influence though. Gambit looks le sexy. Man, I didn't even touch watercolors in high school...or recently actually. I've been coloring digitally since like, I was in 6th grade 0.0.

Adora said...

I think I remember seeing the Iceman one somewhere before, and being all flaily about it.

Haha I love seeing other people's old art but I can never post my own because I know it's so bad but I am still pathetically proud of so damn much of it. I have to wait to see when I get to that rly ashamed point to post it.

(Yeah, I just found this place. I fail at watching arty friends journals)