Where do I begin with this?
Well, first, it's awesome, because I think I mentioned Kia Asamiya's Batman when I did the Marvel/Del Ray post last week. Folks, that's cultural fusion done right. THIS is cultural fusion done right.
I mean. I'm beginning to realize it. This is a really exciting time to be in comics. Not just because the graphic novel is on the rise, not because female artists are really kicking ass and taking names, but there's beginning to be a really accepted blending of Japanese and American style comics. Sure Americans that draw in manga style still get tons of flack, but the influence seems to be so much more embraced now. It doesn't seem like such a stretch of the imagination for an American Mangaka to be published in Japan.
Honestly, when I started at SCAD, I hardly gave American comics a chance. I'd read like, Scott Pilgrim, the occasional X-man comic, and went through my goth phase in High School in which I picked up all the Slave Labor Titles I could. I refused to read DC, and, really, nothing outside of manga ever got my attention.
However, having dabbled a bit with a few of the EOL (English Original Language) manga companies here in the states, I realized that man, I needed to acquire some skills that would let me work with publishers other than Tokyo Pop or Antartic Press. Not that I'd never work for them, if given the opportunity.
So, I began taking classes at SCAD and swallowed my pride and read everything my professors (yes, even Tanye) recommended. I fell in love with Clark Kent and Jaime Reyes and BOOSTER GOLD(!). I swooned over the Young Avengers (Bill and Ted!). I marveled at all the independent comics being put out (jeez, just look at the stuff the SCAD grad students are producing).
I realized, hey, maybe there is something to this super hero business after all.
And, I mean, I'm still devoted to my slice of life, girly romance stories stories and all, but it's just...
it's encouraging to know that progress is being made and it's not so ridiculous to think that the X-men might make a decent manga someday. If handled properly.

Dear Marvel,

I know I already ranted about this, but to expand on the other post, well, my friend Adora put it best:
"Don't like, make good superhero comics with awesome female characters or anything, just keep thinking like the misogynistic bastards you are that comics are for boys and manga is for girls, and hiring utterly shithouse artists who should be ashamed of themselves to draw this toilet paper for you. Because, quite clearly, the way to make money is through stereotyping, not, y'know, quality product."

C'mon guys. You can do better than this.

No Love,


Now, off to bed because wow I have a lot of homework to do this weekend ;_;

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