Marvel+Del Ray= DO NOT WANT DDDD8

"But Cara!" you may be saying,"you enjoy Marvel and you draw in manga style! In fact, I've seen you do fanart of all sorts of shit---Nightcrawler, Iceman, Gambit, and let us not forget that Iron Man! Marvel guys drawn in your pretty boy manga style! This should be right up your alley!"

Only it's not. It's totally not. Yes I enjoy both manga and marvel, but, oh, I enjoy them seperately so much more. It... it wouldn't be bad if they were doing something like the Kia Asamiya batman series, or... that one Wolverine series done by the artist that did Blame! Those were AWESOME Marvel/Manga fusions because it didn't try to make the characters into something they're not. And with this? They're trying to make them into shoujo characters. For the vast majority of readers of this blog that are unfamiliar with manga terms, shoujo is japanese for "girl" and thus, obviously, shoujo manga is AIMED at girls. It's... it's the stuff I draw. You know, flowery, kissey, lovey dovey pretty boys fluttering their eyelashes. Not Marvel! I... IDEK. *throws hands up in frustration*


Dianna B. said...

....you have manga nightcrawler?
.......give him me!!! >:-0!

Cara M. said...

I was just gonna leave a comment with links to all of my old Marvel Fanart, but maybe it'd be more interesting if I just posted them all up. THEY'RE SO HORRIBLE. OMG.