Offering Commissions~

So, I made plans to go to SDCC earlier this year, when I had a little more breathing room with money (a LITTLE). This is not the case anymore, but since I've already lined up everything for the con short of airfare and my sister HAS bought her plane ticket out, I'm gonna give in and just go. To try to make sure I can make it to the other side of the country and still pay my rent, I'm going to offer really cheap commissions again for the first time in years. Here's what I'm offering:
Art will be done on 4"x6" bristol or watercolor paper, and prices are for 1-2 characters. Additional characters will be $5 each.

-B/W Inked only drawings are $10
-Watercolor painting for $35

I'll try to post some examples soon. Please comment if you're interested or you have any questions. Any help is super appreciated, and if you're also going to SDCC and I somehow see you, you will be rewarded with either a sloppy kiss or a hearty handshake (at my person discretion).

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