Sad news guys.

So, guys, this is a post I've been avoiding for awhile but I'm over my self-pitying phase. A couple of weeks ago I got a call saying the book project I've been working on wasn't going to go forward anymore. It sucks, and it was a fun book that I know quite a few people were excited to see, but that's sort of how the comic industry is sometimes. I learned a LOT from the experience, and got to work with a really great editor in the process, so I have no regrets or ill feelings.
I am a little at a loss as to what to do now. I started the book while I was still a student at SCAD and now I'm out of school and feeling slightly overwhelmed.
I do have one or two things to keep me busy until I get another book, at least. And now I can devote more attention to them without feeling guilty. But still, I'm going to be looking for another project like crazy now. Still hitting up cons all summer, only this time to try to woo and flatter publishers rather than promote a book ;)

I'm also sitting on this stack of pages that I'm personally pretty proud of, so I'll be sporadically posting chunks of them. This first chunk is pretty darn old by now and I'm forcing myself to put them up despite thinking they're terrible and wanting desperately to just do them over again.
Note: I'm not going to letter these, since I wasn't the writer for this project. Make up your own story! These pages were also inked to be toned, which I didn't get a chance to do. Maybe someday I will, for practice. For giggles.


Shawn Crystal said...

Cara you did some great work here. Be inspired, be hungry, keep going. Try to work on keeping a strict schedule, thats the next lesson. You can do it, you'll shine.

Adrianne said...

Cara, you've got the talent. You'll find a new project without a doubt.