Some finished pages!

Did I say last time I was looking forward to this break? Because it doesn't feel like a break at all. I transferred to a much bigger, much busier book store, and now I'm just crazy exhausted from finding books for people all the time x_x
Whenever I get a chance though I'm working on comic stuff--got a few character sheets for one project that I need to hurry up and scan (still need to hook up my scanner here!), and I started doing a random comic project for myself, mostly just for practice. I'm thinking I may make it a webcomic type of thing.
If nothing else though, I'm trying to follow the example of Eric Canete and now Professor Shawn Crystal and do one inked drawing each day. I started the beginning of December and have missed three days already, but really, 6 ink drawings in less than two weeks is pretty damn good for me. But yeah, I really need to get a working scanner here 8D;;;

Anyway, here're the finished pages, from the roughs I posted last time X)


chris be said...

hey, you stole my haircut. really like the way you handled the headphone-d fellows entrance, specially the elbows-up arm-curl around him standing in the doorway. great smirk too in the middle of that flashback, lil dots of blood punctuating perfect. veddy nice

Jackie Lewis said...

How did you get that cool paper texture look under your colors? I wants it!