Someday I'll be cool...

Man, once I get started I just can't stop, can I?
Seems like all the cool kids are posting pencils these days, so in an effort to be hip, here're the roughs for my final project ;P

(I'm going to eliminate panel two--the empty one-- and just extend panel three, other wise the pacing is all wonky)

So, I gotta finish inking these suckers, use Illustrator to throw some word balloons on some OTHER pages I just finished coloring with Photoshop, rough out an eight page western, and wrap up a break down and finish up character designs for another project I'm working on.

I gotta tell ya, I'm glad I get to go home for vacation next week @_@ Hopefully I wont be going home to yet another debacle where my parents threaten to not let me return. Again. If they do, you all have permission to call them and leave angry voicemails. I'm more confident this time, at least, since now I have an apartment here, and, you know, I cant leave all my shit here >8[


DougDabbs said...

These look great! Your art is always awesome. But now, show us your inks!

Reuxben said...

If you feel inclined, could you do a post on applying to/entering SCAD?

I'm thinking about art school, and it would be neat to hear about the process and transition between college and art school.

In any case, have a nice day.

Shawn Crystal said...

Great Quarter!

Dianna B. said...

I think your cool Cara XP

patbollin said...

Great stuff Cara. Really impressive. I agree with DD: post the finished stuff!