Last Friday/Saturday was SCADs 24 hour art challenge~ I didn't do as well this year as I did last, and only drew/inked about 18 or so pages. In my defense, I suppose, those were for two different short stories, rather than doing one long 24 page story. Around 4 in the morning my hand started to lock up totally and I just wasnt going to risk inking anymore. So I did some loose copic illustrations to ride out the final few hours. I definately plan to finish the comic pages as soon as I get the free time, and once I do I'll try to share them here. I do plan on using one for an upcoming anthology, as well as submitting it to that international manga competition, so I do have to keep SOME of it under my hat.
Anyway, here's one of the illustrations I finished

And there's already a video of the events released by the photography department (I guess). Bonus points if you spot my brief appearances!

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