Trying out new inking styles for the comic I'm working on with Sam, which I'm tentatively calling "The Object". This style is largely based on the blocking/shapes technique Shawn taught in class yesterday, and uses a lot more black then I usually put on a page. I rather like this as there's less need (if any) to add tones and whatnot.
Anywho. Here's page one.


Sam said...

Haha. The one with the multi-colored hair has a good point.

This style-- using a lot of black shapes and not so many tones-- can be really good, as long as it doesn't get too confusing from the lack of depth. But you probably know that already. ^^; You're the one taking the class on it, not me.

And I wanna see those two characters you just created come to life in a comic! :D

aflyingteapot said...

Why oh why don't you have a RSS feed (;__;)