Here's a taste of what I've been up to:

Been trying to get this colored digitally.

This nerdy Sailor Moon fanart is going to be a fairly large water color :B

And here's some peeks at one of my recent pages :D

Sorry, this stuff isn't entirely new if you watch me on Facebook :C

As for cons, a lot of it's in the air. I think I'm going to take a break from sitting at tables until this book is actually over (exceptfor anime cons, where I'll be selling a lot of prints, if anything).
But I'll still be going to Fluke, Heroes Con, and San Diego for sure this year, and I'd LIKE to make it to NYCC again, but we'll see.
I've started working on something that I had intended to just hand out at cons as a mini/copybon/ashcan/whatever you want to call it, but like a lot of my ideas, it started sprawling out of my control, so now I'm working on it as a pitch 8\ I'll post some character/environment sketches for it soon.


Jonas Jenkins said...

Love that Abe Sapien, Cara!

Alan Hawley said...

Love that Sailor Moon piece, can't wait to see the watercolors for it!

Jackie Lewis said...