DOGs Paintings

I've been in such an art slump lately. All I've been doing is re-vising thumbnails (because I'm OCD) and doing studies of Wolves and Horses and Giant Birds for my Oni Book (Not a bad thing, but it's taken time out of my breakdowns, which I wanted to be done with by now). Finally I realized that I also had AWA coming up SOON and still didn't have crap done, so I broke out my paints and made myself do these. It's seem to have gotten me out of my rut, at least to a point.

In other news, financial woes mean I wont be taking classes at SCAD this quarter (super bummed because I was really looking forward to Rick Lovell's watercoloring for Illustration class), but that, and not having a day job still means Comic Arting is my one and only job right now, so I'm gonna focus on being an ART MACHINE until Janurary. Yeeesssss.

(also, if you don't recognize the characters above, Badou and Haine, you need to go out and try to read the Dogs manga. It's freaking gorgeous.)


Pat Bollin said...

ARRRG! Sorry to hear that you aren't in class this coming quarter. The place wont be the same without you. Although, being able to work on comic art as your only job for the next few months sounds like a dream as long as you can still eat. Good luck.

jme said...

GO CARA you can do it! Sad that you won't be around campus but keep working girlie!

Melissa Dominic said...

:( boo on not being able to take your class, but, hey, now you srsly are THE ART MACHINE. you can achieve!

i love these paintings, for serious (though i know i already commented on the haine one on da - i'm scabface there). dog is so amazing, and you've managed to capture it so well here!