I do things and stuff!

I just forget to update this thing D:

This has been a rather up and down quarter. On the plus side, I've used this quarter to really iron out some stuff with my one baby project that's been in development for years. I've pitched it around before and got some interest in it, but now that I've re-worked a bunch of it, I think it's really got a lot of potential to be something awesome, so I'm excited to see where it keeps going.
I've also started working on pages for a really awesome book, though I'm not really sure how much I can say about the project. I'm meeting with one of the amazingly awesome editors today though, so I'll find out so I can like, brag and shit.

Also, hey! I've probably gotten some amount of traffic over here since Heroescon put me up on their guest list, so thanks to everyone that's stopped by! I tell you, I'm incredibly humbled, but mostly intimidated to even be on that list. Mind boggling, really. But I'm gonna be at a table with an incredibly talented group of guys (Doug Dabbs, Pat Bollin, and Allen Spetnagel) and hopefully we'll do our best to give SCAD Atlanta students a good name ;) If you can, be sure to stop in Charlotte this summer and say hi!

In the meantime, I suppose a quick peek at some designs I've been working on wouldn't hurt ;) Though once the quarter's over, I'm gonna bust ass and try to do some pin-up work before con season. I need to get my illustration chops back in shape!


B. Lindblad said...

nice! although a Conan type is the last man i've ever pictured you drawing : D

Robbi Rodriguez said...
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Robbi Rodriguez said...

Nice! Glad to see that your doing C.O.V.S and I see that your take is a much better fit for this book then my test designs.

B. Morris said...

Your stuff is looking even more awesome than usual!

Anonymous said...

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