Time to play Catch Up

Poor neglected blog. Lots of things have been happening though, and life has been crazy as the semester has started to wind down.

1. I got an internship at Gaijin Studios along with Jackie, Tommy, and Domo X) Unfortunately I'm not really going to get into it until the fall semester, but I'm really psyched about it. I know I'll get a lot out of it.

2. Went down to Savannah for Editors day last weekend, along with Shawn, Chris, Megs, Allan, and Pat. Got lots of good feedback from all sorts of professors and editors--Oni Press, DC, Slave Labor, Del Ray--and met lots of really cool people. I felt a little discouraged for a day or two afterwards, but I've had time to reflect and re-motivate myself, so now I'm ready to bust ass this summer and get my work in gear.

3. Um... I thought there was more. I went to Cartoon Network yesterday 8D; Fun times... Now it's time for finals chaos! Good heavens. Wish me luck.

But then...Summer plans!

A. As I said, I'm going to be studying as much as I can while on break. As many observational drawings as I can get in, and anatomical/inking studies. I think I'm pretty good with pacing and storytelling, I just need to find a way to get my sequential pages to look as nice as my illustrations...

B. Working at the Bookstore again X) I love it there, really~ Easy job, awesome people, and cheap books! Wins all around!

C. Driving to A-kon the day after I fly back to Texas, then flying BACK to Atlanta to drive up for HeroesCon *_*; And I'll be back AGAIN early for the fall semester so I can make it to Dragon*Con X)

Let's see....
As my poor professors well know, I'm just really bad about getting around to scanning my work. I HAVE been doing drawings for all of the Temple of Cartoon Mojo Sketch Challenges this semester... they're all just still in my sketchbook 8D; But here's a few things I actually have gotten around to scanning...
We'll start with the Venture Brothers (omg new season soon *A*)
And last week I drew Eddie from The Damned 8D

Aaaaaand, here's the creature I'm working on for Creature Anatomy. I'll try to remember to scan the study sketches Shawn's made me do for it. I can definitely say this has been the first actually really challenging class I've taken at SCAD so far... animals are just not anything I can draw instinctively, so I cant fudge as much stuff as I can normally get away with XD;;;

Oh! Offer! If anyone wants a customized Blogger layout, just let me know, and I'll try to hook you up. I like making them, but it gets ridiculous if I keep changing the layout here all the time ^^;; And it will give me good design practice for over the summer!


jme said...

Oh Cara, I shall miss you this summer. R u sellign at dragon*con or just looking around? I'm still debating whether or not i'm going. I am so po'.

Reuxben said...

Hi! I really enjoy your work!

So, I was wondering if your customization offer is only for people you know. Are there more details available?

Well, best wishes,


B. Lindblad said...

sweet news!! You've always been able to take critiques pretty well I think. I hope your internship goes smoothly. I hope to see you in august!