New character design project is proving to be much more challenging than the last one.  Sci-fi action heros are very much not my genre.  But I'm a big Brad Bird fan, so I'm trying to come up with characters that'll fit into the Incredibles Universe.  As Nolan pointed out though, the biggest problem is coming from the fact that I have to flatten out a three dimensional style.  But, like I said, yay Brad Bird, so I'm cheating a little and watching a lot of The Iron Giant.
I think my alien will probably end up being a robot.  Which I will then have to draw various action poses and facial expressions for.  I think I'm making this a little more difficult than it really has to be :| But I am determined to make it work!
This is what I have for my Sci-fi Hero so far.  He looks um.... sorta rough and tumble, I suppose.  But he's based on Henry Rollins, with a touch of the punisher and an unintentional smidge of The Phantom.  And because of the pixar thing I'm now starting to worry he's looking a little too much like Shawn's Blood Red guys :\ Which is why I added the Mohawk... But he's a rocker super hero!  His melodic screams knock out all of his enemies!  He is... 
The Punk Menace! (Name suggestion courtesy my friend Tokos~<3)

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