8| No new art right now since, well, December's been an insane month, but also I've already packed away all of my drawing pads/supplies in order to move back into the dorms this weekend. School starts up again on Monday and I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things again. I've reached the point, with school and work, where I just don't feel motivated to work on art unless it's an assignment, which is frustrating. I did sit down on New Years and, along with my resolutions, actually wrote out short synopses of all the stories I'd been kicking around but hadn't really put down on paper. I sort of surprised myself with how many I had, and hopefully I'll be able to churn some of them out more completely in the Short Story course I'm taking this semester.
I'll also be taking Advanced Storyboarding/Character Design with Nolan Woodard again, which I'm really looking forward to. I looked over the roster for that class and some of the other students in there are like, really intimidating (i.e. Alex, Darnell, etc.), but I know it's gonna be a blast. Of course I'm eager to start Drawing for Sequential Art with Shawn and really start finessing my skills more. I learned a TON in the Intro class last fall, so I know that I'll be getting a lot out of this quarter. Even if the student roster for THAT class made me cringe, just a bit.

Aaaaah, I'm just so ready to go back and start drawing again! I feel like I've been a useless Retail Wench all during break. Failure.

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