Okay so, I know I have a mountain of different Livejournal accounts at this point, but none of them are professional enough to like, publicly display. So consider this my effort to maintain a serious art blog. The majority of what I post here will be WIPs of school assignments, as well as any comic projects that I may be working on.
Having just started a new semester at SCAD, and finding a script that I really want to illustrate, I figured now would be the perfect time to get this place off of the ground.
For my first post I have a couple of really crappy examples of the perspective assignment I'm working on. Backgrounds are my biggest weakness in comic making right now, so I'm going to work hard this semester to start getting them to look decent.

I was liking this one so much more before I started inking it. Even with a .005 micron I still feel like the lines are too thick and shakey. I just need to experiment a bit more, and I have a feeling I'll be doing this one over ))8 Besides, I'm retarded and spelled "coffee" wrong, and never realized it until I started inking the word. Dur hur hur.

Used some photo refs, but mostly drew this subway car from the top of my head, which is why the dimensions look a bit funk-tastic. I'll be fiddling with it a bit more, and probably add a couple of passengers before I start inking.

And for kicks, check out my work area at home. My poor back. I miss my art desk back in Texas. At least then I didnt have to crouch on the floor when inking ;___;

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